Fred Phelps Passed Away

Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church has passed away. He was 84 years old. For those who don’t know, the Westboro Baptist Church is infamous for spreading bigotry towards gay people. Here are a couple of images to show what I mean.



It may also interest you to know that Fred Phelps was ex-communicated from his own church in August 2013. Although I don’t know why. Click here for the full story.

My Thoughts on Fred Phelps

Some people spend every waking moment of their lives feeling angry, bitter, and miserable. The old saying is true, misery loves company, because these people loves to take their misery out on other people. For some people, they take it out on their families. For others, they take it out on their employees. Fred Phelps channeled his misery into bigotry, and he used religion to justify it. While that bigotry was especially aimed towards gay people, it was also directed towards anyone who wasn’t a member of his church. In fact, it’s common for the Westboro Baptist Church to protest against soldiers’ funerals. To make matters worse, Fred Phelps passed down his bigotry onto his children and grandchildren.

Although, interesting enough, Fred Phelps was never a racist. About five years ago, I remember watching a documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church. When Fred Phelps was a young lawyer, he volunteered to become a defense attorney for a black man. This was during a time when racism was more than acceptable.

I pitty Fred Phelps for living such a miserable life. For that reason, I will not celebrate his death like so many other people. However, there was no excuse for Fred Phelps to project his misery on to others like he dead. For that reason, I will not mourn his death either.


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