Parents Hitting Their Children

Yesterday, my 10-year-old son was misbehaving. He was throwing a hissy fit because his 5-year-old was playing in his room and she accidentally broke one of his games.

“Act your fucking age!” I screamed at my son and shook my fist at him. “I wish I never had you. If you get on with your bullshit again, I’ll get rid of you.” I then slapped my son in the face.

Now here’s a question for you. How did this little scenario make you feel? Did you make you angry? We’re you appalled? I hope you were, because there are parents still has this backwoods mentality.

On, 50% of people believe that parents should hit their children when they misbehave, while the other 50% thinks that they shouldn’t.

“Hit em and hit em goood i always say. Stop crying or i will give you something to cry about. WHACK. That is the way you have good kids. Good kids come from a good backhand. I do agree with smacking kids and i am a doctor. I love america.”

“Parents should never their kids period! It’s just bad parenting. Also hitting a kid could lead to behavioral and psychological problems. If a kid misbehaves give them a time out or grounding but not physically harming them.”


Most experts will tell you to never hit your children.

“Spanking demonstrates that it’s all right for people to hit people, and especially for big people to hit little people, and stronger people to hit weaker people. Children learn that when you have a problem you solve it with a good swat. A child whose behavior is controlled by spanking is likely to carry on this mode of interaction into other relationships with siblings and peers, and eventually a spouse and offspring.”


“Psychologist Sandra A. Graham-Bermann of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, who chairs the task force, announced the recom­mendation in August at the APA’s annual meeting. In a presentation, she explained that the group of 15 experts in child development and psychology found correlations between physical punishment and an increase in childhood anxiety and depression, an increase in behavioral problems, including aggression, and impaired cognitive development—even when the child’s prepunishment behavior and development were taken into consideration.”



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