Male Domestic Abuse Victims Gets Support

3115981-300x199When it comes to male victims, domestic abuse is not taken seriously. Some people would go as far as to say “if a man gets hits by a woman, he probably deserves it.” Because of this kind of attitude, you won’t find shelters or support in general for male domestic abuse victims. However, in Brighton and Hove City, UK, that’s about to change.


Brighton and Hove City Council has teamed up with specialist charities and police to offer the city’s first ever “care pathway” for men experiencing domestic violence or abuse has been unveiled.

Source: The Arugus

According to the city’s 2013 Strategic Assessment, one in five reports of domestic abuse are from men. Mathew, not his real name is one of those victims.
“I am still suffering from an abusive relationship which ended months ago”, Mathew said. “I came to the drop in surgery with little hope and left feeling stronger and with a clear idea about where to go for ongoing support.”
Users of the drop-in service, such as Mathew have praised the support they have received.
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