Men’s Issues Should Be Taken More Seriously

I’m a feminist. What that means is that I’m all for gender equality. As a feminist, I think we should take men’s issues more seriously. The following statements are basically society’s attitude towards some of the issues that men face.

Double Standards

The reason why some women choose to be single is because they want to be independent. The reason why some men choose to be single is because they have a fear of commitment. This isn’t a double standard, this is a fact. There’s a difference between wanting to be independent and having a fear of commitment.

Domestic Abuse

Society expects male domestic abuse victims to defend themselves without laying their hands on their female attacker. Yeah, I have two words for that, Schrodinger’s cat. Running away from your attacker doesn’t really count as self-defense because your attacker can easily chase you.

Custody Battles

The courts are not biased towards mothers when it comes to custody battles. The reason why the mother is more likely to gain custody of her child is because a child needs his or her mother as their primary care taker. Granted, there are single dads and gay dads out there who raise their children quite well, but that’s a different topic. The point is, a child needs his or her mother in their life to be the primary care taker.

Do you see how ridiculous these statements are? In my opinion, this is the general attitude society has when it comes to men’s issues. Although more women are victims of domestic abuse then men and even though women have their own double standards to deal with, that’s a totally different topic.


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