Ariz. says marriage ban justified because same-sex couples can’t reproduce

images-6PHOENIX — Attorneys for the state of Arizona say in court documents that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is justified because same-sex couples cannot reproduce without the help of a third person. The state says its public purpose in regulating private relationships is to ensure that children are, whenever possible, raised by a biological mother and biological father.

Click here for the full story.

Considering that some straight couples are unable to reproduce, this ruling is ridiculous. Also, since when did the government have the to right regulate private relationships? Did President Obama give Arizona to the Middle East or something? Finally, children do not necessarily need a biological mother and a biological father in their lives. There are plenty of single parents, same-sex parents, and adopted parents who are doing an excellent job in raising their children. If Arizona wants children to be raised by biological mothers and fathers, then maybe the state should enforce biological parents to raise their children, even if they’re unable to.


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