I Have Issues With Feminism, But I’m Not an Anti-Feminist

Women have been oppressed for centuries. Some women use Feminism as an excuse to turn the tables on men. Meanwhile, other women use Feminism to outright bash men and to engage in fear mongering. But I realize that’s not what Feminism is about. Feminism is about focusing on the rights and issues that women have to deal with. However, there are a few issues that I have with Feminism.

First off, not only do Feminists portray women as more oppressed than they really are, but they act like as if men are not. Feminists say that there’s a wage gap between men and women. However, every job that I’ve been too, men and women were paid equally. If women were paid less then men, then companies would hire more women to save money. This so called wage gap has a number of factors such as seniority, the type of job, and how much time one time one puts into their job. But of course, we can’t deny the fact that women in the west are oppressed in some ways.

For example, there are politicians who want to take away women’s right to get an abortion. In other words, politicians are telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Another way that women are oppressed is that most women can’t walk down the street late at night without the fear of being attacked. Like I said earlier, women are not the only ones who are oppressed, men are as well.

For one thing, in custody battles, the mother is more likely to gain custody over the child. That’s because society is brainwashed into believing that the mother is the primary caretaker. This is despite the fact there are many single fathers and gay fathers who are doing a fantastic job in raising their children. Another way that men are oppressed is when it comes to women on men violence. If a woman beats a man, he can’t defend himself. He only has one option and one option only, and that is to run. He can call the police, but that’s never a good idea. The reason is because the women can say that she was attacked first and then the man is arrested. To make matters worse, there are very few shelters in the world that are for male domestic abusive victims. I’ll discuss more on that in a little while.

Another issue that I have with Feminists is that a lot of issues that they bring up apply to all genders and yet they act as if they only apply to women. One issue is how women are portrayed in entertainment. The truth is all genders are portrayed in entertainment in a negative light. Women are sometimes portrayed as sex objects, men are portrayed as violent brutes, and anyone in between are portrayed as cross-dressing attention whores. Two other issues that all genders face are domestic abuse and rape. Just because these crimes may happen mostly to women, that’s no reason to undermine male victims, transgender victims, etc. This is exactly what Feminists do.

As you can see, not only do Feminist make women in the west look more oppressed than they really are, they act as if many issues that women face only applies to them when they happen to all genders.

For the record, I would like point out that just because I have a few issues with Feminism, that doesn’t mean that I’m an anti-Feminists. I think that Feminism is needed in the world. I would also like to state for the record that while I’m reading this article over, it sounds like I’m generalizing all Feminists or all groups of Feminists, but I’m not. Sorry about the confusion.

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