Stupid People

Some people are just too stupid for their own good. The people that I’m referring too are those who can’t go five minutes without doing or saying some stupid. I’m also referring to people who thinks they have great ideas, but they are so stupid, that you don’t want to tell them that their idea is stupid just for your own amusement. I’ve decided start a category on this blog that’s dedicated to these people. The reason why I’m doing this is so I can help them smarten up.

To be fair though, I’ve set some ground rules for myself. First off, I will call out mostly public figures. This includes, celebrities, politicians, and online creators. If I call out private citizens, I will use fake names. Also, before I call other people out on their stupidity, I will call myself out on my own stupidity.

One time I actually started an entertainment blog, with the belief that I could actually make a living from it. It was a really long time later that I realized that my articles were so bad, that a mentally challenged illiterate could write articles better than me.

I also own the Website It’s a Website that’s dedicated to Newfoundland themed greeting cards. Some people actually told me that selling Newfoundland themed greeting cards is a good idea. But then I came up with this idiotic design.



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