Make Rape Victims are Privillaged?!?

Kaelyn Polick Kirkpatrick is the first name to my list of stupid people. Kaelyn Polick Kirkpatrick is a columnist who wrote that male rape victims are privillaged. In the same breath, she claims that Feminists care about men’s issues.

“…Men have privileges that prevent them from being able to empathize with the struggles of women, even when they are survivors of sexual crimes.”

You fucking bitch! This is a sexist claim with no evidence to back it up! You are proof that most Feminists hate men, and that they blame men for all of their problems on men.

To be fair, some Feminists do care about men’s issues. If these Feminists read your article, they would tell you you’re crazy.

click here to read the article of you stomach such bigotry.


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