Male Survivors of Domestic Abuse Need More Emotional Support and Shelters

Domestic abuse is a very serious issue that affects people world wide, including here in Newfoundland and Labrador.

This is a topic people don’t like to talk about because it’s a very sensitive and uncomfortable topic.While this is a very and sensitive and uncomfortable topic, it needs to be talked about more.

Let’s start this article by saying there is more to domestic abuse than physical violence. Domestic abuse can also be emotional, sexual, financial, etc. For this article, I will discuss the reasons why domestic abuse happens, I give some statistics, and I will discuss the effects of domestic abuse for both men and women. I will finally discuss society’s general attitude towards male survivors of domestic abuse and how is affects them. First I will talk about the reasons for domestic abuse.

There are many reasons why people abuse their significant other. One of the most common “justifications” as why a person would abuse their significant other is because “they were provoked.” Another reason why a person may abuse their significant other is because they have no control over their own lives, their own emotional, nor their own thoughts. So they must try to have some form of control over somebody else. But of course, there is no justification for domestic abuse. Next, I would like to give some statics on domestic abuse.

According to the Newfoundland Herald over 600 incidents of domestic and sexual violence per year gets reported. However, “these numbers do not reflect violence accurately, as 90% of sexual violence and 70% of domestic violence goes unreported.” According to 49% of men and 51% of women are are just as likely to become victims of domestic abuse. As you can see, the number of men and women who are abused when it comes to domestic abuse is a lot closer than most people think. Now that I’ve given you some statics, I would like to talk about the effects on domestic abuse next.

Some of the physical effects of domestic abuse may include black eyes, broken bones, stab wounds, chipped teeth, burns and many more. Some of the psychiatric effects may include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and being suicidal. Men who are victims of domestic abuse suffer the same effects. Finally, I’m going to discuss society’s attitude towards male domestic abuse victims.

When a man is beaten by a woman, he’s either viewed as a “wussy” or “he must have done something to deserve it. ” That’s why some men are afraid of calling the police. There are some people who asks “why didn’t you hit her back instead of being a wussy?” That’s because men are not suppose to hit women under any circumstances. So basically if the man physically defends himself against his wife or girlfriend, he’s a criminal. However, if a woman physically defends herself against her boyfriend or husband, she’s just defending herself. Therefore, she’s doing nothing wrong.

The cold hard truth is that when a man and a woman commits the exact same crime, the woman usually gets a lighter sentence. So if a man and woman are hitting each other, the woman will most likely get a lighter sentence. Even if a woman is beaten her boyfriend or husband nonstop, and the man defends himself by pushing her away, he’ll still probably get into more trouble than his girlfriend or wife. To make matters worse, there are very few shelters male survivors of domestic abuse can go to. And the chances of male domestic abuse survivors getting any emotional support from friends and family are very slim. That’s because men are expected to “man up”. Since men are apparently physically stronger then women (even though there are an overwhelming amount of exceptions), and that men are not suppose to get emotional, male survivors of domestic abuse are expected to just take a beating like a man, walk away, and then move on as if nothing happened.

It doesn’t matter what your gender, sexual orientation, or age is, domestic abuse is devastating. However, when you take into consideration what I’ve just mentioned,wouldn’t this add more stress for male survivors? In my opinion, male survivors of domestic abuse need more emotional support than what they get. They also need more shelters as well.


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