Prima Casino

Take a look at the screen shot.


First off, the header was clearly done with MS Paint. Also, to have a gold header on a white background makes my eyes bleed. Since having a gold header on a white background falls into the category of color scheme, I would like to talk about the overall color scheme.The combination of black, white, and red makes this Website look like it’s ran by Nazis.

The other thing that I want to talk about is that big image below the navigation. Why is it there? Why does it appear on every single page? It’s really distracting from the content. However, what I do like about that big image is…nothing. It looks like an image that the designed of this site ripped off from a MMORPG site.

Overall, this Website is hard on the eyes. The only good thing about Prima Casino is that the navigation system works.

My suggestion is to hire a Web designer that knows what he or she is doing.

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