Male Survivors of Domestic Abuse STFU!

One out of ┬áthree women has or will become victims of domestic abuse at the hands of their boyfriends or husbands. One out of four men has or will become victims of domestic abuse at the hands of their girlfriends or wives. Not only should all victims should receive the same amount of support, but all victims should receive more! Unfortunately that isn’t the case. The overall attitude society has about male survivors of domestic abuse can be summarized into the following rant.

Domestic abuse is more devastating women because men hit harder. Also, one of out three women are victims of domestic abuse. And these men are complaining about being victims? How selfish.

I’m so sick of these male “victims” taking attention from the real victims of domestic abuse, women. I’m so sick of this men’s rights non-sense. Patriarchy is why we have male “victim” of domestic abuse. Stop provoking your girlfriends and wives into hitting you.

This kind of attitude just doesn’t apply to male survivors of domestic abuse, but to male rape and sexual assault victims as well. Here is some evidence to back up my claim.
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Men who have been raped still have more privvilges than men. Click here.

Female batterers cannot be recognized. Male victims cannot be treated. If we are to truly address the phenomenon of domestic violence, the legal response to domestic violence and the biases which underlie it must be challenged […] Female violence presents both a threat to feminist theory as well as to the practice of domestic violence law. Notwithstanding such concerns, today’s myopic understanding of domestic violence has serious implications […] the feminist definition of domestic violence has skewed arrest and prosecution philosophies, resulting primarily in having only male batterers criminally pursued […] rehabilitative programs are geared toward treating domestic violence as the byproduct of a patriarchal society, thereby only producing programs which address male violence. Similarly, the services for domestic violence victims, in particular, the availability of shelters, have also been shaped by the feminist definition of domestic violence. Source.

Anyone who is dismissive of domestic abuse victims, regardless of gender is a worthless piece of shit.


#notallmen Misogyny and Misandry

I’m so sick and tired of people bashing the not all men hashtag on Twitter, and here’s why.

There are far too many men out there who thinks it’s okay to grope a woman whenever she walks into a club. There are also far too many out there who beat their wives or girlfriends. The list goes on and on. These men make all men look bad.

People say, “we know that not all men are like this!” However, based on what I’ve seen, it seems like society do indeed paint all men with the same brush on a subconscious level. But that’s just my opinion.

This is why I think that the not all men hashtag on Twitter is just as important as the yes all women hashtag.

One reason why people don’t like the not all men hashtag on Twitter is because “it’s not about you”. Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but misogyny does affect both men and women. So does misandry. Misogyny and misandry are both forms of hate that everybody suffers from.