Plus-Sized Teenager Kicked Off Istagram Fights Back

enhanced-buzz-18006-1405525318-24Samm Newman  posted the picture that you see on the side of this blog post on Instagram. This was the second time Samm posted a somewhat revealing picture of her self on that site. She posted the second picture on Instagram because she wanted to join other plus-sized women using the hashtags #pizzasisters4lyfe and #bodylove to share messages of body positivity and create a space of inclusion on the social network. However, Samm’s picture was removed from Instagram due to a violation of Instagram’s community guidelines.

“Don’t share photos or videos that show nudity or mature content. If you wouldn’t show the photo or video you are thinking about uploading to a child, or your boss, or your parents, you probably shouldn’t share it on Instagram. The same rule applies to your profile photo. Accounts found sharing nudity or mature content will be disabled and your access to Instagram may be discontinued.”

Samm Newman looked through several pictures on Instagram to see how her picture was so inappropriate that it had to be removed. She thousands of pictures of thin, conventionally attractive women, in the same amount of clothing that Newman wore.

Samm enlisted the help of a friend to report these pictures since they violated Instagram’s community guidelines. However, these pictures were never removed. Instead, it was Samm’s account that was deactivated!

“I was crying, I was so devastated,” Newman said. “I contacted Instagram relentlessly for help, and I basically felt like message I got was to shut up and go away, so that’s when I decided to go to the media.” (

Newman was crush. Instagram was once a place where she could embrace her body and bond with other plus-sized women. But not anymore.  “All my life, I was told to suck it in, and I would see these commercials on TV every day of these Victoria Secret models who weighed just nothing,” Newman said.

Newman contacted a local NBC4 reporter to talk about what happened. She called out Instagram’s double standard and accused them of size discrimination.

In the wake of the negative press, Instagram released the following statement.

“We are truly sorry for our mistake here. When reviewing reported content from the Instagram community, we don’t always get it right. As soon as we were made aware, we restored the content.”

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The Bigger Picture (No Pun Intended)

This story is a reminder of how shallow society is. Society demands us to be thin, to wear fancy clothes, and for men to be clean shaven. Society tries to shame and exclude those who do not fit their standard of beauty.

Why Is Society So Shallow?

This is a loaded question and I really don’t know why. But in my opinion, it could be a number of factors. One factor is that the media has brainwashed us with unrealistic expectations of beauty. The media has brainwashed women to look a certain way, and the media has convinced men that “this is what you want.” Of course, have also been brainwashed to look a certain way as well.

I also blame the parents of our generation as well. There are many parents out there who are deeply insecure themselves, so they project their insecurities onto their children. When you combine the media brainwashing society with unrealistic standards and parents projecting their insecurities onto their children, it’s no wonder why girls (and some guys as well) starve themselves to look thin. Also, it’s no wonder why where we live in a society where appearance is everything.


Male Domestic Abuse Victims Gets Support

3115981-300x199When it comes to male victims, domestic abuse is not taken seriously. Some people would go as far as to say “if a man gets hits by a woman, he probably deserves it.” Because of this kind of attitude, you won’t find shelters or support in general for male domestic abuse victims. However, in Brighton and Hove City, UK, that’s about to change.


Brighton and Hove City Council has teamed up with specialist charities and police to offer the city’s first ever “care pathway” for men experiencing domestic violence or abuse has been unveiled.

Source: The Arugus

According to the city’s 2013 Strategic Assessment, one in five reports of domestic abuse are from men. Mathew, not his real name is one of those victims.
“I am still suffering from an abusive relationship which ended months ago”, Mathew said. “I came to the drop in surgery with little hope and left feeling stronger and with a clear idea about where to go for ongoing support.”
Users of the drop-in service, such as Mathew have praised the support they have received.
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Three RCMP Officers Killed

Imagine going for a walk or driving home from work when there’s a killer on the loose in your neighbourhood. That’s what the people of Moncton are going through.

Resident Heidi James told CTV News Channel that she was at home with her husband and young children when they heard gunfire.
“I heard probably about four to five shots. They sounded quite loud,” James said.

James said she moved her children away from windows as worried friends and family began texting her to make sure her family was safe.


Meanwhile, three RCMP officers have been shot dead by 24-year-old Justin Borque.
My heart goes out to the friends and family members of these RCMP officers.[1]

What Moncton is going through is a sad and scary situation, and I hope I never have to go through something like that here in the the city of St. John’s, NL. Although never say never.

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Two Transgender Women Attacked

This article will make angry. In fact, the journalist who wrote this article surly was, and so am I.

Two transgender women of color were assaulted by at least two men on Atlanta’s MARTA train. If you think that’s bad, it gets worse. Several people recored the incident on their smartphones and cheered on the attack.

A local church, Restoration Inclusive Ministries, released a statement that read in part:

According to the victims, the attack occurred because the two assailants wanted to know whether or not they were “real” women. The two women were bullied, taunted, degraded and finally physically assaulted simply because of who they are.

The saddest, and perhaps the most disheartening, aspect of this attack is that onlookers stood idly by. Not one person called 911. Not one person intervened. On a packed train, there was no help provided while these two women fought to protect themselves.

My Reaction

It’s bad enough that these two women were assaulted. But what really pisses me off is that there were several people who cheered the assault! That clearly shows the kind of hospitality that one can receive if they ever visit Atlanta.

But I digress. This is proof that homophobia, and racism are as strong as ever. It’s the year 2014, and racism still exist! In my opinion, I’d say it would take at least another 50-75 years before racism is completely eliminated from Western society. As for homophobia goes, that’s going to continue to plague our society indefinitely.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight mH370 has ended

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had “ended” in the southern Indian Ocean.

The flight was heading from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it disappeared on March 8 carrying 239 people, an estimated two-thirds of whom were from China. With the location of Flight 370 itself still unknown — most likely somewhere at the bottom of the Indian Ocean — questions remain about what brought down the aircraft and why.


My condolences goes out to all the friends and family of everyone who was on that flight.


Fred Phelps Passed Away

Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church has passed away. He was 84 years old. For those who don’t know, the Westboro Baptist Church is infamous for spreading bigotry towards gay people. Here are a couple of images to show what I mean.



It may also interest you to know that Fred Phelps was ex-communicated from his own church in August 2013. Although I don’t know why. Click here for the full story.

My Thoughts on Fred Phelps

Some people spend every waking moment of their lives feeling angry, bitter, and miserable. The old saying is true, misery loves company, because these people loves to take their misery out on other people. For some people, they take it out on their families. For others, they take it out on their employees. Fred Phelps channeled his misery into bigotry, and he used religion to justify it. While that bigotry was especially aimed towards gay people, it was also directed towards anyone who wasn’t a member of his church. In fact, it’s common for the Westboro Baptist Church to protest against soldiers’ funerals. To make matters worse, Fred Phelps passed down his bigotry onto his children and grandchildren.

Although, interesting enough, Fred Phelps was never a racist. About five years ago, I remember watching a documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church. When Fred Phelps was a young lawyer, he volunteered to become a defense attorney for a black man. This was during a time when racism was more than acceptable.

I pitty Fred Phelps for living such a miserable life. For that reason, I will not celebrate his death like so many other people. However, there was no excuse for Fred Phelps to project his misery on to others like he dead. For that reason, I will not mourn his death either.