Male Survivors of Domestic Abuse STFU!

One out of  three women has or will become victims of domestic abuse at the hands of their boyfriends or husbands. One out of four men has or will become victims of domestic abuse at the hands of their girlfriends or wives. Not only should all victims should receive the same amount of support, but all victims should receive more! Unfortunately that isn’t the case. The overall attitude society has about male survivors of domestic abuse can be summarized into the following rant.

Domestic abuse is more devastating women because men hit harder. Also, one of out three women are victims of domestic abuse. And these men are complaining about being victims? How selfish.

I’m so sick of these male “victims” taking attention from the real victims of domestic abuse, women. I’m so sick of this men’s rights non-sense. Patriarchy is why we have male “victim” of domestic abuse. Stop provoking your girlfriends and wives into hitting you.

This kind of attitude just doesn’t apply to male survivors of domestic abuse, but to male rape and sexual assault victims as well. Here is some evidence to back up my claim.
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Men who have been raped still have more privvilges than men. Click here.

Female batterers cannot be recognized. Male victims cannot be treated. If we are to truly address the phenomenon of domestic violence, the legal response to domestic violence and the biases which underlie it must be challenged […] Female violence presents both a threat to feminist theory as well as to the practice of domestic violence law. Notwithstanding such concerns, today’s myopic understanding of domestic violence has serious implications […] the feminist definition of domestic violence has skewed arrest and prosecution philosophies, resulting primarily in having only male batterers criminally pursued […] rehabilitative programs are geared toward treating domestic violence as the byproduct of a patriarchal society, thereby only producing programs which address male violence. Similarly, the services for domestic violence victims, in particular, the availability of shelters, have also been shaped by the feminist definition of domestic violence. Source.

Anyone who is dismissive of domestic abuse victims, regardless of gender is a worthless piece of shit.


Men Have Got to Be Better

A YouBoober by the name of Angry Aussie made this video six months ago.

I’m just going to comment on some of the things that he has said in this video.

if you think the problems and injustices faced by men are worse than those suffered by women (or even equivalent) then simply put, you ARE the problem.

So if I think that men being beaten, sexually assaulted, and raped by women is just as bad as women being beaten, sexually assaulted, and raped by men, then I’m the problem? If that’s the case, then it’s no wonder why male victims are never taken seriously. Then again, I’m taking things out of context as always.

there’s very little a woman can do to stop violence happening because it can happen at any time in any circumstance.

That’s true, it can happen any time and any circumstances, which is unfortunate. And there’s only so much women can do to stop the violence. But I think women can do a lot more to defend themselves than Angry Aussie is giving them credit for.

Their own home is the most dangerous environment. They are in the most danger from men they know.

Well my aunt grew up with six brothers and her brothers. Her mother died when my dad was seven. Man, my aunt must have been terrified to be at home. Okay she wasn’t, but I bet a lot of women are terrified to be living at home with all men. Okay, maybe they’re not, but they should be…or not.

If you feel compelled to shut down women talking about the everyday reality they deal with because “not all men” do it, you are actively supporting the rapists.


I’ve seen some guys take exception to the term “Schrodinger’s Rapist”. This surprises me because I think it’s an excellent definition of why women have to be cautious of men who are NOT rapists. Like Schrodinger’s Cat who is both alive and dead until the box is open, women are confronted with so many situations where she should be safe but can be attacked without warning. She only knows for sure if a man is a rapist when she makes herself vulnerable and so up until that point, the man both is and is not a rapist. The worst thing is, in far too many cases, “vulnerable” means nothing more than existing as a woman.

I’m a man, and I’m not a rapist. And yet, until a woman get to know me, I’m a rapist and I’m not a rapist at the same time. Well, how can women get to know me, if they’re to afraid to get to know me out of fear of what I may or may not do?

I’m not totally discrediting the Angry Aussie’ video. Some women do fear men because of all the horrible things that we’ve done. And there’s very little women can do to determine which men are dangerous and which are not. So it’s rational to assume that all men are the same. So I think it’s our job to make women feel safe. That’s why I avoid women as much as I can. For example, if I’m walking down the street, and there’s a woman walking in front of me, I’ll go into the opposite direction. Granted, situations like has caused me to be late for work, and hence I’ve been fired as a result, but it’s worth making a woman I don’t know feel safe. I only approach women under the following conditions.

They’re family members.
They work customer service.
They’re co-workers, but only on professional level.
They approach me first.


DISCLAIMER: This article is somewhat satire.

Men’s Issues Should Be Taken More Seriously

I’m a feminist. What that means is that I’m all for gender equality. As a feminist, I think we should take men’s issues more seriously. The following statements are basically society’s attitude towards some of the issues that men face.

Double Standards

The reason why some women choose to be single is because they want to be independent. The reason why some men choose to be single is because they have a fear of commitment. This isn’t a double standard, this is a fact. There’s a difference between wanting to be independent and having a fear of commitment.

Domestic Abuse

Society expects male domestic abuse victims to defend themselves without laying their hands on their female attacker. Yeah, I have two words for that, Schrodinger’s cat. Running away from your attacker doesn’t really count as self-defense because your attacker can easily chase you.

Custody Battles

The courts are not biased towards mothers when it comes to custody battles. The reason why the mother is more likely to gain custody of her child is because a child needs his or her mother as their primary care taker. Granted, there are single dads and gay dads out there who raise their children quite well, but that’s a different topic. The point is, a child needs his or her mother in their life to be the primary care taker.

Do you see how ridiculous these statements are? In my opinion, this is the general attitude society has when it comes to men’s issues. Although more women are victims of domestic abuse then men and even though women have their own double standards to deal with, that’s a totally different topic.

Women Hitting Men.

Men are taught to never hit a woman. I wholeheartedly agree with this. But what if a woman hits a man? Obviously if a woman hits a man, it’s still assault and she can get arrested for it. But for some reason, a woman hitting a man is socially acceptable. This is a double standard that people either ignore or justify. If you don’t believe me, then watch this video.

I’m unable to embed the video, so click here to watch it. In this video, you see a scenario where a man is attacking his girlfriend. Several people stands up for her and threatens to call the police. In another scenario, the same woman was beating up her boyfriend, and nobody stood up for him.